Sadia Imam Looking beautiful on her family wedding.

By | October 12, 2022

Sadia Imam is a famous actress and model of nineties who is still known in the showbiz industry for her talent and Amazing acting.Sadia Imam can be considered as the most oldest actress in Pakistan.
She stepped into the showbiz industry when there were only few actresses in the Showbiz industry,only in one digit numbers, and there was a time when the drama would not be completed without her.

Sadia Imam has always been a woman of discipline towards the industry, and she has always been sincere to his nation Pakistan.
She left the showbiz industry because she knew that tha showbiz is becoming more innovative and we should always stand by the new emerging talent,thats why she left ths showbiz industry,keeping that in mind she also withdrew from working in dramas.

Sadia Imam is married to a Famous chef Adnan Haider,in the year 2012.
Adnan Haider are mostly put of the country because of his busy schedule and due to business work.Sadia still lives in Pakistan with her daughter Meerab and in-laws.

Sadia Imam is a real talent and a true beauty.
You can see her old dramas that are available on youtube and you can also rewatch her dramas on Pakistani channels.Tho the age of Sadia Imam is increasing day by day but seeing her look and her beauty it seems live she is a teenager.

Sadia Imam recently attended her best friend’s wedding few days ago wearing a Pink Saree,in which she was killing the stage.She was looking very stunning and Amazing.
Looking at her photos,it seems like she is still unmarried
So lets have a look on her pics with her family and daughter.

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