Iqrar ul Hassan Attended Her Sister In Law Marriage Function With Farah Yousaf

By | October 13, 2022

In recent days, a viral situation has arisen among his fans and opponents regarding the second marriage of Iqrar-ul-Hassan. Confession announced his second marriage via tweet in which he not only announced that he has been married to Farah Yusuf for the past six years but also that his two wives have been living a happy life together. Have been

This was followed by a video message of Aqarul Hassan on social media in which he admitted that he got married to Farah Yusuf six years ago under certain circumstances but in these circumstances he Don’t give any details, that’s why there is no end to the rumors among the people about their marriage.

There was also curiosity among the people that whatever he said about the marriage, Iqrar said that his wives kept complete silence about it and finally Iqrar Al-Hassan shared this silence with his friends on social media. Broke through a live video message

Farah Yousuf, who is a host on a well-known TV channel, said that her marriage to Aqrar-ul-Hassan took place on May 12, 2012 and that the media and her friends had heard about the marriage. Everyone knew and it was not a secret marriage

Laughing Farah Yusuf admitted that she was married to Iqrar al-Hassan six years ago, but still did not reveal the circumstances under which the marriage took place and what was the reason behind the publicity about the marriage. The public was kept ignorant.

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