Syra Yousaf And Ahmed Ali Akbar Most Attractive Photoshoot

By | October 14, 2022

A recent photo shoot of Pakistani artists Syra Yousaf and Ahmad Ali Akbar went viral on social media.

Actress Syra Yousaf’s photo and video sharing application is all over Instagram. He has done a photo shoot with Ahmed Ali Akbar which is being liked a lot.

Syra Yousaf is very active on Instagram. A few days ago, they shared their photos in which the actress wore a sky blue dress.

The drama serial “Sanaf Ahan”, produced in collaboration with director Nadeem Baig and Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR), is being well received.

Actress Syra Yousaf has said that it is the responsibility of parents to be concerned about the better future and upbringing of their children and it is their duty as parents to take good care of their daughter.

Syra Yousaf has a 7-year-old daughter Noor from her ex-husband actor Shahrooz Sabzwari.

In a recent interview with Life and Style celebrity Maleeha Rehman, Syra Yousaf spoke openly about the good upbringing of her only daughter and the impact of her divorce on her.

During the interview, the actress also explained why she acted in the upcoming military drama ‘Sanaf Ahan’ and also provided some information about the story of the said drama.

The actress said that she will be seen working on screen for the first time with Yemeni Zaidi, Kabra Khan, Ramshi Khan and Sajjal Ali.

According to him, the story of the play consists of five women soldiers, who belong to different classes and families from all walks of life, but their destination to join the army is the same.

Syra Yousaf said that when she read the script of ‘Sanaf Ahan’, she liked it and at the first opportunity she came up with the idea that she should definitely work in the said drama.

She said that the shooting of the said drama is going on and recently when he went to Gujranwala in Punjab with all the actresses, he also took his 7 year old daughter Noora with him who mingled with all the actresses.

In response to a question, Syra Yousuf thanked the Pakistani people for liking her and always supporting her on social media.

According to her, she knows the reason for so much love from the people but she considers herself lucky that she is supported in everything she says and also criticizes her. Fans come out in support of him.

Asked about the effects of divorce on her daughter, Syra Yousaf admitted that there was no doubt that her daughter would have some negative effects.

According to Syra Yousaf, there is a lot of talk on social media about her divorce and of course some things are very horrible, which must have had a bad effect on her daughter.

The actress said that as a mother she does not hide anything from her daughter and explains everything to her in a good way.

Syra Yusuf said that she is only responsible for her mistakes or her actions in every aspect of life, so she lovingly explains everything to her daughter to keep her away from troubles.

The actress said that she believes that it is the responsibility of the parents to take good care of the children or to worry about any problem or difficulty that may befall them, which they do beyond anyone’s praise or criticism.

According to her, as a mother, it is her responsibility to take good care of her daughter and she believes that she is traveling in the right direction to keep Noora aware of the bitter realities of life.

Although Syra Yousuf talked about her daughter’s better upbringing, she did not talk about her divorce from her ex-husband Shahrooz Sabzwari.

The actress also did not say what kind of relationship there is between her daughter and her father after the divorce.

It may be recalled that Syra Yusuf and Shahrooz Sabzwari were married in 2012 and have a daughter Noor.

The couple divorced in March 2020, a few weeks after Shahrooz Sabzwari married model Sadaf Kanwal and Syra Yusuf is still married.

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