Sadia Khan Looks Gorgeous In Red Cloths

By | October 17, 2022

In the last few years, many Pakistani actresses have made their mark in Bollywood. Meera, Maura Hooken and Mahira Khan are some of the names that have worked in Bollywood in recent years. This list is going to grow further.

Leading model Sadia Khan is ready to show the essence of her art in Bollywood film industry soon. Sadia Khan will announce this through a regular press conference in the next few days.

Efforts are also being made to bring actress Saadia Khan on the silver screen, but no producer has succeeded so far.

Along with acting, Sadia Khan has also achieved prominence in modeling. He recently shot for a well-known brand in the country, while last week he worked as an ambassador for a mobile company.

Sources said that Saadia Khan was approached by a senior actor for work in her film on which the actress demanded the script which has been provided to her.

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