By | October 18, 2022

Some middle-class people are jumping up and down to celebrate the alleged damages inflicted on Malik Riaz.

Just take care of my compatriots. He is so smart that he can buy your whole system including you.

The situation of the middle classes is that the father spent his whole life in the shoes of the government office and went to Allah. Yes, six out of six live in rented houses where the landlord makes kebabs of honor on every first date.

From Kam Bakhto, not even four walls were raised on this plot, but peace be upon this self-confidence when six brothers together collectively curse Malik Riaz that “Malik Riaz has devoured the whole country.”

I used to think that the first need to buy a ‘plot’ among Pakistanis was Malik Riaz’s hand behind fashion and now addiction. Malik Sahib also touched the pulse of this nation.

Our middle class sees the world’s safest investment in the form of plots. Overseas Pakistanis, even if they come home once a year, make their home. Plots given in dowry are also very popular. Boys are also very wide on inheritances.

Those who are richer are satisfied by building a farmhouse on an empty plot outside the city to satisfy their emotions. Take a look around you and you will understand what this ‘plot’ is.

There were forests around Rawalpindi Loui Bhair. In these forests also Malik Sahib made his way. Earlier, this used to happen only in Junaid Jamshed’s songs. The land of Karachi which was barren, the Sindh government had to build a third town type flop project there anyway, so Malik Riaz erected a Taj Mahal of regrets there. The people of old Lahore used to land on their historic buildings like this. Malik Riaz made Bahria Town Lahore a new history.

There were dozens of cases of fraud, murder, bribery, occupation of forests, occupation of government lands against Malik Sahib, but he was rewarded every time, either as a result of conciliation or by paying money to the Supreme Court.

Malik Sahib is the only servant who openly explains how the wheels are attached to the files. The queue starts from where Malik Riaz stands.

When the case spreads in the media, Malik Sahib takes out his newspaper. If any media group shows its eyes, these long advertisements of Bahria Town are given in crores.

When the case comes to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court appoints the President of the Bar as its lawyer. If a soldier has taken an oath in his oath to protect the Sohni land, then Malik Sahib, while doing the same kind of extension, retains retired officers to protect the secrets of the country.

By God, such a far-sighted plan! Except for DHA, there is no competition. It seems that the Pakistan Navy is also reluctant to be proud of its name in Bahria Town or to disassociate itself from it.

Who is in Malik Riaz’s party who did not sing ghazals? If Malik Sahib is a close friend of Zardari, then he is also a close ally of Sharif family, Chaudhry brothers are also considered close to Malik Riaz, then PTI members are also his dear ones. And you and this was the heart and soul of Malik Riaz who came up with the rare idea of ​​building a university in the name of Altaf Bhai in Hyderabad and even cut the ribbon. Tell me if anyone else is such a risk taker.

Malik Riaz knows how to bid, whether the item has been put up for auction or not, whether the item can be bought or not, whether one has brought oneself up for sale in the market or not, or whether one considers oneself invaluable. No price has been set. Malik Riaz is the buyer who sets the price. From a single meeting, a small talk or a hidden prayer, one can understand who can be bought at what price.

The question is which vulture of success does Malik Riaz have?

The answer is hidden in the question, first ‘wealth’ then ‘success.’ In an interview with Reuters, Malik Riaz said, ‘If I were to say how much money I paid the biggest bribe, you I will have a heart attack. ‘

Malik Riaz is the mirror of our society. They show us the face of everything from politics, army, media, bureaucracy to judiciary. I think if Malik Riaz is made the head of this country’s ‘anti-corruption campaign’, all the thieves will be inside. Malik Sahib has to stay out anyway.

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