Rabiya Kulsoom Teen Age Actress with her Mother at Nida Show

By | October 18, 2022

Parveen Akbar the most Senior Negative role Personality Daughter of Rabiya Kulsoom also becomes the Super Actress in Showbiz Industry and makes herself a different and unique way Personality Rabiya Kulsoom First Time came into Nida Show with her Mother.

Rabiya Kulsoom is the most Adorable Personality Still working in Dramas and Struggling to become the Top Level Actress Her Mother is Very Supportive People who Supports her in every decision Rabiya Is the Admirable Personality See it new Pics.

Well-known Pakistani actress and choreographer Rabya Kulsoom. She can be seen in both drama and music videos. This stunning actress is the sister of well-known actor Faizan Shaikh and the daughter of renowned Pakistani actress Parveen Akbar. Rabya was nurtured and born in Karachi.

Rabya Kulsoom speaks out about her mother’s opposition to show business. Fraudulent actress Rabya Kulsoom revealed details about her mother Parveen Akbar in a recent interview. She declared that she dislikes the entertainment industry and that she would never want her daughter to become an actor like her.

Rising star Rabiya Kulsoom is a Pakistani actress. She’s presently on the drama series Fraud, which you may watch. In Fraud, she plays Maya’s younger sister. People adore her for who she is. The mother of Rabiya Kulsoom is the well-known Pakistani actress Parween Akbar.

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