Nadia Jameel’s response to the man who proposed marriage made fans go crazy on the actor.

By | October 22, 2022

Actress Nadia Jameel proposed marriage on Twitter Fans have expressed their displeasure over the reaction given to the person. The actress shared a picture of herself on the site Twitter yesterday and called the social media users her family.

The actress wrote the caption ‘All my social media friends are my family. Yes, I will be happy if I meet you guys and we can have a cup of tea together and share our sorrows.’ Several users commented on Jameel’s post But one comment became the focus of people’s attention. A man named Javed Ahmed proposed marriage to the actress, to which

Nadia Jameel used a ‘vomit’ emoji. expressed the view that such inappropriate behavior from Nadia was not expected. One user wrote that you could have just said no, it was very inappropriate. Some users described this response as insulting to the user. And told Nadia that they should have just refused, it is not appropriate to disrespect someone like that.

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