Who is Sadaf Kanwal’s aunt and why was she angry with her entry into showbiz?

By | October 22, 2022

Sadaf Kanwal is the most successful model of Pakistani fashion industry, daughter-in-law of Behrooz Sabzwari and wife of Shahroz Sabzwari and another strong reference is attached to her name that she is also the niece of famous actress Nida Mumtaz. Sadaf Kanwal is a talented model who has made her mark on the fashion industry. After the marriage of Sadaf Kanwal with Shahroz Sabzwari, Khasi against her on social media

Talks were made, they were told about the other woman breaking the house and things like that, but they didn’t answer any of them. Yesterday, she appeared on Nida Yasir’s program Good Morning Pakistan and was accompanied by her mother Mumtaz. Where they shared some family secrets. Sadaf Kanwal revealed that Nida Mumtaz was not happy with her decision to enter the showbiz industry.

At first she was very angry with him and did not speak to him for almost three years. Because they felt that it is not right to work as Sadaf in the negative perception that is going on in the fashion industry. It will not be able to handle the affairs there. Because of which she did not want Sadaf to enter the industry, eventually things improved between them as Nida saw how well Sadaf was doing and was very proud of her niece.

She put aside her initial anger about Sadaf’s decision and agreed with him. She added that she must have felt the same way about her daughter, but eventually things were resolved and she is now proud of Sadaf. In the case of Sadaf’s marriage, he also said that when Behrooz Sabzwari called him and asked for his permission, he happily gave permission because she believed that children’s decisions should be respected.

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