How many marriages did Noor Bukhari do? The big secret was revealed

By | October 22, 2022

Karachi (Web Desk) Former actress Noor Bukhari has said that she tried to run her marriage till the end but people think that as
The actress did not save her marriages. Noor Bukhari recently opened up about her failed marriages for the first time while speaking on a TV show and expressed her regret that her married life was plagued with problems. Speaking in the program, Noor Bukhari said that when she was new to showbiz, a man threatened to commit suicide.

And said that if he did not get married to Noor, he would jump from Minar Pakistan. Talking about flirtatious fans, he said that usually threats of suicide or death are made by people who are actresses. He smiled and said that the fans who used to tell him that if they don’t meet, he will die, today he will be someone’s father. Noor Bukhari said that his father in showbiz. Good guidance and because of them she was saved from many troubles.

According to him, he entered showbiz in 1998 with the support of his father and soon found fame. According to Noor Bukhari, she was not a good student, she had no interest in studies, but she always wanted to be an actress or a heroine. In response to a question, she said that she liked all her marriages. People fell in love with them, then married them. Talking about leaving showbiz, Noor Bukhari said that she was very worried when she got divorced in 2017, then she met former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi.

Because of which she came to the straight path and said goodbye to showbiz. She said that before this, the idea of ​​saying goodbye to showbiz came in her heart, but officially she took the straight path only after meeting Bushra Bibi. But come. Talking about the same, he said that he saw a lot of difficulties in his personal life, due to which he lost his heart from showbiz. Noor Bukhari said that he tried his best to manage all his marriages and he She went to the extreme but people think that as an actress she failed her own marriages and got divorces.

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