My blood pressure increased after seeing the electricity bill. Yasir Nawaz worried about the expensive electricity bill, what restrictions did he impose on the family?

By | October 22, 2022

The famous couple of Pakistani showbiz industry, Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir, used to be invited to a program together
If they are, the interest of their fans increases and they enjoy their homely and interesting talks with great enthusiasm. Something similar was seen in the show of famous actor and host Ahsan Khan when Nida and Yasir. The duo came as guests in the program, whose sweet and sour talk entertained the host and the people sitting at home. A video clip from the said program is going viral in which Yasir Nawaz is talking about the house or the electricity bill. Of After which the consumers came to know that the actors have also become helpless due to the rising electricity bills and have started saving electricity for this. I turned off the lights of the houses. And our maid was working with the light on in the kitchen, so I turned off that light and told her that what is the need to light it when daylight is coming.
Speaking on the same topic, Nida Yasir said that once my daughter was sitting in the room with a disappointed face, so I asked her what happened, then my daughter said that father said not to open the AC until You will not go to sleep. Yasir Nawaz said that when the electricity bill suddenly increases, the blood pressure increases.

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