Aima Baig Says She has 19 tattoos on her body

By | October 23, 2022

Aima Baig who is a famous singer of Pakistan was engaged to Shahbaz Shugri a year and a half ago in 2020. Aima Baig has shared a video on this program in which she has stated that she has 19 tattoos on her body. After that many people have openly criticized them. Some people say that they do not include your prayers. You will also express your opinion.

The video of the concert of famous singer Aima Baig went viral on social media in which the singer said that if you insult me ​​then I will leave.

A video of the concert of famous singer Aima Baig is going viral on Instagram in which the singer can be heard asking a person present among the fans to stay away from the stage during the concert.

In the video, Aima Baig is asking a person to step back from the stage and also asking the fans participating in the concert to push him back.

Addressing the fans, Aima Baig said, “If you are rude, I will go back and because of one, all the good people in the concert who have come to enjoy the show will not be able to enjoy it.”

After the imam’s anger, her fans in the concert chanted slogans of ‘sorry’, to which the singer said that if I came for you, I would perform.

It should be noted that a video of famous singer Atif Aslam had gone viral in the last few days in which he got stuck in a traffic jam in Karachi and reached the concert on a motorcycle.

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