Beautiful Clicks of Ayesha Omar’s Mother

By | October 28, 2022

Ayesha Omar’s mother was amazed when she saw her daughter especially come from Karachi for celebrating her surprising birthday. Ayesha Omar is a well-known actress, elegant model, and singer. She is very attached to her mother. And she has mentioned this in many of her interviews. Because after her father’s death, her mother raised him as a single parent.

These days, Ayesha Omar is living in Karachi due to their upcoming projects while their mother is living in Lahore. Yesterday, was Ayesha Omar’s mother’s birthday and she did not want to miss this beautiful occasion. So she decided to surprise his beloved mother. And she came to Lahore for a night. Where she cut a birthday cake with her mother and had a good time with her.

The Bulbulay actress also added her elder brother to her mother’s birthday party via video call. Ayesha Omar also has an elder brother named Aziz Omar who has been living in Denmark for a long time. After celebrating her mother’s birthday, she wrote a note to her mother in her Instagram post. She writes,

Ayesha Omar’s mother is a beautiful lady. And she really enjoyed this little party on behalf of her daughter. We should also take special care of our parents’ little joys. Thanks

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