Hanish Qureshi’s Bold Dressing Invites Severe Public Criticism

By | November 11, 2022

Hanish Qureshi is a very talented and beautiful social media influencer, she is also a popular media person because of her father Faysal Quraishi. Hanish also works at a reputable magazine as the fashion stylist. Hanish is a very friendly and fun loving person who shares an amazing bond with her friends and family.

Hanish Qureshi actively updates her Instagram and posts all the new pictures of her. Fans admire Hanish and love to see her new pictures. This time, the pretty social media influencer uploaded her bold pictures which invited severe public criticism. She was wearing a very tight black shorts along with a short top. She posted a few pictures in the dress, after glimpsing the pictures fans started criticizing her. Here are pictures.

Fans said that such dressing doesn’t suit her and she’s not looking good at all. They also urged her to dress up as per the code given by religion. They called her out for her too bold dressing.

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