Why Nazish Jahangir Avoids Doing Bold Projects

By | November 13, 2022

Nazish Jahangir is a new addition to the showbiz Industry. she has most recently appeared in the drama serial Dil Tanha Tanha alongside Ali Ansari and Mohsin Abbas Haider. She has also worked in the drama serial Saraab. The actress also became famous after indulging in the controversy with singer and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider. Despite this, she handled the criticism and controversy with calm nerves and proved her talent through her work. Nowadays she is working for a number of mainstream channels in Pakistan.

Nazish Jahangir has recently appeared in The Mazedaar Show hosted by Faizan Sheikh and Aadi (Adeel Amjad) and aired on TV one.

In the show, Nazish shared that her colleagues advised her to do more glamourous shoots but she said, “I can’t do extremely glamorous shoots because I have certain limitations and that will remain the same no matter what. I don’t wear revealing or sleeveless clothes, other than that I am okay with every sort of fashion shoot.”

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