Hira Mani Some Beautiful Pose With Husband

By | December 3, 2022

Pakistani actor Hira Mani is gushing over her love story with husband Salman Sakib aka. Mani.

Speaking to a media outlet in a recent interview, Hira, who has been quite vocal about going behind her friend’s back to marry Mani, says that she has no regrets about doing so.

“People often ask me why I credit my success to Mani. My only response to that is that there is no one else like him. He is a supportive husband, a responsible father, and a talented artist,” she proudly revealed.

Hira further adds that she realizes people look down on the way she got married to the TV host but criticism does not both her. She would have married Mani even if he had a wife.

“People criticise me because I stole Mani’s number from my friend’s phone and messaged him behind her back, but the truth is, I have no regrets. People can say what they want. Even if Mani was married to someone else, I would have married him regardless.”

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