Maria Wasti Some Unseen Photos From Past

By | December 8, 2022

Maria Wasti, actress and host was seen vacationing in USA. We all deserve a break every now and then. That’s exactly what Ms Wasti did when she took days off to enjoy her time with a friend Juni Zeyad.

People are not giving her a break as they slut-shamed her on the pictures she posted. The actress was seen enjoying her time on the beautiful beach taking in the fresh air and serenity which nature had to offer. She like all the other celebrities shared pictures from her Trip to USA and people won’t stop judging her. Just a simple vacation from crazy routine has got nothing to do with your age, size , gender or even your occupation.

She did exactly what any other celebrity or person would do. VACATIONS with best friend!! Internet is showing no mercy on her.

Its high time we understand that giving space is a thing and we all should follow it. Your words and actions are a reflection of who you are as a person , even as a society. We need to appreciate people for their work and efforts rather than pointing fingers at them.

Maria Wasti is a Pakistani film, TV performing artist and host. She is hosting a program these days named “Sunrise From Istanbul” on Turkey-based Pakistani TV station See TV.

Maria reviews that her first involvement in acting was for her passion for art, however, later her parents advised her to seek after the vocation in an expert way. After her first stretch, she started accepting parts in different plays in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad places for PTV. She thinks back that people were incredulous when she ventured into acting, however, once she substantiated herself they began accepting her.

She considers Bano Qudsia’s Kallo one of her most significant plays In other similarly hailed parts, she played a lady casualty in Baadlon Par Basera, who is powerfully driven into marriage with a man in the United States of America on the telephone and when she meets him out of the blue, she understands the man is more seasoned than the photo she saw him in. Maria is generally observed assuming unglamorous parts including delicate issues in regards to ladies in Pakistan.

She has played roles portraying noticeable women like Salma Murad and Lenin Peace Prize victor Bilquis Edhi. Moreover, she is known for being outspoken on different of issues ladies’ rights, sexual orientation fairness and bias.

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