Sarah Khan wearing simple orange Dressing Smiley pics

By | December 8, 2022

The most recent images from the Lapata Drama Serial have been shared by actress Sarah Khan. Sarah Khan excels in acting in the drama series Lapata. She appears so young and beautiful. Sarah Khan does not work in the film industry in Pakistan.

Even after getting married, she continued to appear in numerous Pakistani dramatizations as an actor. She also visited Falak Shabir’s home in Lahore at the moment, following the completion of the shooting process.

Sarah Khan is a well-known star with a lot of talent. She always has positive, innocent roles in drama serials. She also has amazing acting in drama serials. She is a beautiful star.

Late pictures of Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan going with their little girl. Falak Shabir, Alyana Falak’s father, shared some lovely images of his daughter. He is traveling with his daughter Alyana Falak, sister-in-law Noor Khan, and wife Sarah Khan.

We can’t stop staring at this amazing couple and are in love with each image. The news that Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan were getting married pleasantly surprised their fans.

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