Merub Ali’s cumbersome dress at Lux Style Awards looks awkward

By | December 12, 2022

Well, Lux Style Awards brought alot of controversies with it as Sharmeen Obaid returned her Lux Style Award as a protest against Feroze Khan. She considered her abusive and straightly refused to stand with that who is abusive. In our previous articles, we’ve taken a look at the most well-dressed and worst-dressed celebrities. Here in this article, we are going to have a look at Meerub Ali specifically whose awful look was truly disappointing.

Merub Ali’s cumbersome dress at Lux Style Awards looks awkward
Merub Ali and Asim Azhar were looking stunning together but her dress was such a mess and she was quite uncomfortable with it. Merub chose to wear a creamy white dress with a long gown. Her tied hair and glowy makeup look won our hearts. Her assemble was not so good. That tightly fitted dress made her look so much thin.

Merub Ali got so much love from Asim Azhar when he showed gestures of affection for her during his performance on the stage. This outstanding and winsome couple has literally won hearts. Apart from her dress, everything was so fantastic and amazing. Merub Ali and Asim Azhar are in an open relationship and they are usually spotted together.

Merub Ali once talk about her eating disorder and told how she suffered from this and managed to come out of it. This stunning model and actress have shown her incredible acting skills in this year’s superhit drama Sinf e Aahan.

Anyhow Here are a few pictures of her from the Lux Style Awards 2022. Check these out.

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