How Did Hareem Farooqi Lose Her Weight

By | December 27, 2022

Pakistani actors know that they need to lose weight in order to look good on screen. Although, these actors were equally talented and confident when they had put on weight but most of them realized that if they lost weight they will look even better.

Then there are those actors, who lost weight specifically because of the fact that they needed to look good on the big screen. Some of these actors just realized somewhere along the way that losing weight was the right thing to do in order to feel good about themselves. All these actors shared their weight loss journeys in interviews and confessed that they got a great deal of criticism and were not given the kind of projects they wanted to be a part of when they were overweight. There are also those celebrities whose weight loss journeys were part of some kind of a healing process.

Here is a list of actors who lost a lot of weight in the past few years and a detail about how they lost the weight, why they lost it, how they felt when they were over weight and how they felt afterwards.

Hareem Farooq has talked about body shaming and her struggle with her weight more than any other actress. Hareem also said in one of her interviews that her weight does not define where she stands as an artist.

Hareem Farooq however knows only too well that in order to play lead in a film, she just had to lose some pounds therefore she went on a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Hareem Farooq said that she was not only diet conscious but she also exercised a lot in order to make sure that her body gets toned down. The difference between Hareem Farooq’s before and after picture is crystal clear.

Hareem Farooqi is one of the famous actresses of Pakistan. Her film Parchi, released this year, has raised the flag of success.

Hareem Farooqi uploaded sparkling photos while doing morning walk. She looks gorgeous in black dress and fit and smart also.

According to details, Pakistani actress Hareem Farooqi met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa and discussed cultural activities and filmmaking.

Hareem Farooqi shared a photo with everyone’s favorite Justin Trudeau on the social networking site Instagram and wrote that the best moment of my career on a trip to Canada was when I had the opportunity to meet the charming and charismatic Justin Trudeau.

The actress added that in her meeting with Justin Trudeau, she talked about Pakistan’s entertainment industry and how we can work together through films, dramas, music and talent. I love my job as an actress and producer. Which opens such doors for me.

Hareem also thanked all her fans around the world for their love and support.

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