Tuba Anwar’s mobile number leaked, immoral messages received

By | January 7, 2023

Tuba Anwar secretly married late Aamir Liaquat, the famous Afaq TV host, in 2018, which was announced by Aamir Liaquat in 2020.

Actress Tuba Anwar has revealed that someone has leaked her mobile number after which she is receiving hateful and immoral messages.

Tuba Anwar posted stories on Instagram and said that he was getting many wrong messages on WhatsApp from several numbers, due to which he was very worried.

The actress wrote that ‘some unknown person has leaked my number after which hundreds of obscene and indecent messages are being sent to me, I wonder how people waste time and energy on all these useless things’. .

The actress wrote that ‘the messages I get are so dirty that I can’t even share them here, I have been bearing all this for the last several months, this act is disturbing others’.

“I am afraid that someone may trace my number and reach my house and harm me, it is too disturbing and painful,” Tobia said in fear.

Tuba Anwar said for the number leaker that ‘anyone who has done this out of revenge, fun or hatred should know that it can cause a lot of trouble to others’.

She further wrote that ‘stop harassing others by sharing their personal information’.

It should be remembered that Tobiah Anwar secretly married the famous Afaq TV host late Aamir Liaquat in 2018, which was announced by Aamir Liaquat in 2020.

There were reports of differences between the two in 2021, later in February 2022, Tubi Anwar confirmed his divorce from Aamir Liaquat.

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