Arguably the most attention-grabbing looks by our top stars in 2022

By | January 12, 2023

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look back at the most glamorous, inspiring, over-the-top, and mystifying looks of 2022 — the ones that make you sit up and say, “Wow!”.

In the world of celebrity fashion, there’s no greater challenge than coming up with an outfit that gets everyone talking. These celebrities did their utmost best to get traction and left us with a rush of dopamine that only an incredible outfit and exquisite looks can accomplish.

Take a look at a few resplendent and most memorable style statements and viral outfits of our Pakistani beauties from the past 12 months of 2022.

Ayeza Khan
Ayeza Khan‘s grace and charismatic personality make her stand out wherever she goes, and she is currently on a mission to redefine fashion in Pakistan with her resplendent photoshoots.

Hania Aamir

The unapologetically fierce and bold actress, Mehwish Hayat, has a knack for staying in the headlines because of her chic style and sassy personality.

Designer Ali Xeeshan is essentially a visual artist and his craft is not limited to clothes. People around the globe adore his unique and innovative bridal collection and the selection of concepts behind them.

His latest bridal collection, Roshan Luxe Bridal Couture 2022-2023, has an intense royal theme to it with a stand-out bridal accessory that we have seen for the first time — a sword.

Ayesha Omar
Ayesha Omar is a sizzler who set the bar high with her flawless and on-point looks this year.

Mahira Khan
Mahira Khan makes our hearts race every time with her elegance and pizzazz.

Saba Qamar
Sass queen, Saba Qamar, recently rocked and shocked with her acting chops. Along with being an amazing actress, the star is also a fashionista and often leaves us awestruck with her jaw-dropping fashion sense.

Hira Mani
It’s no secret that Hira Mani is famous for her happy-go-lucky attitude and rather eccentric fashion sense. Her experimental looks often get the glare from the fashion police but that doesn’t stop her from being the fashionista that she proudly is.

Sajal Aly
Sajal Aly, the ultimate diva, does not any kind of introduction, she just has to be associated with a certain project to make it a super-duper hit.

Syra Yousaf
The yummy mummy, Syra Yousuf, never lets us down with her elegant fashion sense and once you begin taking inspiration from her there is no turning back. She has always outdone herself and impressed fans beyond comprehension with her effortlessly graceful style.

Saboor Aly
Saboor Aly often turns heads with her effortlessly chic and on-point style be it glitzy traditional attire or western attire she rocks in everything. Her dazzling looks definitely steal the spotlight wherever she goes.

Alizeh Shah
Fiery diva, Alizeh Shah, often leaves us smitten with her beauty. The actress has been the victim of constant trolling on social media for smoking in public, losing weight, and being arrogant on sets but remains unfazed by and continues to dazzle fans with her unique style and charm.

Amna Ilyas
The dusky diva, Amna Ilyas, is known for her bold personality, unapologetic attitude, and fashion statements. Her toned body and sexy shoots prove why she’s one of the top models in the industry.

Naimal Khawar
The peaches-and-cream beauty, Naimal Khawar, surely knows how to carry herself with sheer grace and turn heads with her minimalist yet trendy style. Her dazzling festive looks are to steal.

Ushna Shah
Actress and WWF Goodwill Ambassador, Ushna Shah, is a complete fashion inspiration and a trailblazer fashionista. Her street-style looks and avant-garde outfits to traditional styles are the talk of the town every time she steps out.

There is always something brewing in the fashion industry, and this year 2022 was no less than a dramatic saga. Celebrities flexing their fashion muscles with some of the most viral fashion trends that will come to define the 2020s. This is exactly the kind of energy we want to see in the coming years as well.

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