News Anchor Sana Bucha Marriage Photos

By | August 18, 2022

Sana Bucha is enjoying marriage life with Khurram Qadeer Baig. They have good understanding and living quite satisfied time.

Well known journalist and anchor person Sana Bucha in her program on a private TV channel asked former captain Shahid Afridi about his PSL trip in response to which Shahid Afridi Also asked a question which made the host unanswerable.

According to the details, during the program, Sana Bucha asked Afridi why he changes the team in every season of PSL. All-rounders participated, what were the issues that made the team change so quickly?

In response to this question, Shahid Afridi, in his traditional manner, asked a question from Turkey to Turkey which left Sana Bacha speechless.

Shahid Afridi smiled and asked, “What are your issues, sometimes one channel, sometimes another channel, sometimes a third channel, can you tell me yours too?”

The host did not respond to Afridi’s question and she started smiling.

Social media users called the former national team captain’s response a classical insult to Sana Bucha. A user named Naveed said, “Afridi was laughing during the question as to when Sana would be quiet and when he would take his class.”

A user named Rao said, “They have chosen the wrong person for the interview because Afridi is well known for his sudden drives.”

Salman Saeed Lodhi said, “The reason is that journalists are given screens on the basis of their merits and not their qualifications, so it is normal to face such a situation.”

One user said, “Disrespect belongs to the one who has respect.”

Another user slammed him, saying “this is Afridi’s explosive six.”

A user named Dani said, “This is the identity of a fearless man. Bibi understood that the player is the one who can understand the bitterness of the words, but Lala’s present mind drove her straight into her dug pit.”


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