Pakistan Showbiz Celebrates Who Left Pakistan For Indian Industry

By | August 18, 2022

There are many personalities of Pakistan and India who migrated to other countries after birth but returned back to the same country from which they migrated.

In this news of our, we will tell you about the same.

Begum Para:

Begum Para, a famous actress of Hindi cinema, came to Pakistan on the occasion of her husband’s death, but after 1975, she returned to India. Begum Para, who emerged as a successful actress, died in 2008.

Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan:

Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan also came to Pakistan at the time of independence but loved his native region and land to such an extent that he returned and said that if a child was taught Indian classical music at home, the country would be divided into two parts. Does not break. He got the status of Indian citizen in 1957 but left the world in 1968.

Adnan Sami:

Adnan Sami was the most famous singer of Pakistan, who was also famous in India for his unique music. But maybe Adnan Sami had a lot of love for Indian fans, that’s when he left Pakistani fame and gained Indian fame.

Adnan Sami also agreed with many policies of BJP, a party with an anti-Pakistan narrative, to gain popularity in India. While he got married to Indian citizen Roya Qariabi in 2004.

While now they are proud to be called Indian by getting married in India. Adnan Sami still remembers the memories told in Pakistan while his son also remembers Azan.
Tariq Fateh:

Tariq Fateh is a Canadian journalist of Pakistani origin who belongs to Pakistan, but has left Pakistan due to his controversial views.

On the other hand, when he did not get any specific response from Canada, he went to India, where he appears in the Indian media as an important opposition against Pakistan. Tariq Fateh is in favor of homosexuality, against Sharia law. While they want to take Islam forward as a modern religion, in which they are also in favor of many changes.×456.jpeg
Aroosa Alam:

Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam is considered a famous journalist in the world of journalism. Born on 22 May 1955, Aroosa Alam is considered to be a defense journalist, who used to provide news and analysis on defense matters. It is said that she was among those who worked on the scandalous news about the Augusta 90B submarine.

Aroosa Alam is second to none in beauty. This is the reason why his fans are numerous.

Aroosa Alam is also famous because she is now quite close to the former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh from Indian Punjab and is also called as the former First Lady of Punjab. Although Aroosa Alam is quite famous in Pakistan, she has also gained importance in Indian Punjab, while Indian media sees her as a Pakistani agent. Despite going to India, she remembers Pakistan, because her son Fakhr Alam is in Pakistan, so she cannot forget Pakistan.

Aroosa Alam visited India for the first time in 2005, to attend a session on behalf of Seifma where she met Sukhwinder Singh, who was the chief guest at the time. Aroosa went to India several times after that and used to meet Amarinder Singh. Aroosa says about Amarinder Singh and her relationship that she and Amarinder Singh are best friends but there is no love between us.

She says that we are at a point in life where love and affection don’t matter. We are colleagues and very good friends. We have been living together for the past 16 years. I first met Amarinder at the age of 56 when he was 66. At this age, we are not friends, but travelers in search of love and love. Aroosa has created a storm in the Indian media and the political scene of Indian Punjab as she is considered by many to be an agent of the ISI and is accused of being a spy for Pakistan and working for them.

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