2022+ Pak Army Jobs 2022 – Apply Online for Join Pakistan Army

By | May 12, 2022

Join Pakistan Army Jobs Online Registration 2022 For Male and Female

How to join the Pakistan army? Read this article to find out more about the requirements for joining the Pakistan Army after matriculation. The requirements for becoming an army officer are not very different from those for other professional jobs. For example, you must have completed your matriculation or an inter class, a bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate degree, and be between seventeen and twenty-seven years old.

2022+ Pak Army Jobs 2022 – Apply Online for Join Pakistan Army

Qualifications for joining the Pakistan Army

The first stage of the process to join the Pakistan army is the registration. The applicant needs to fill out a form that requires them to submit several documents, including educational certificates, computerized identity card, B-form, and four passport-sized photographs. All educational certificates and degrees must be attested before they can be registered. Applicants with a D-grade in their FA/Fsc degree can join the army’s clerk program.

For the long course, the applicant must have 50% marks or higher in their intermediate course. Candidates who have a strong expectation can apply on a hope certificate. A minimum of 60% marks is required in part-1 of the intermediate course. The entire process will take two years but can be shortened based on special circumstances. There is also the possibility of a shorter course if the applicant has an issue. If the applicant has these problems, he or she may still be eligible to join the army.

For the position of Major, the candidate must be between the ages of thirty-two and forty-two. If a candidate has no post-graduate experience, he/she will be assigned to the seat of Captain. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree, the applicant should have a Master’s degree. A Master’s degree is also required for Lieutenant position. After completing the master’s degree, the applicant can apply for an officer position.

Besides, candidates can also apply for positions such as cook, telephonic operator, and draft man. The latter requires a Master’s degree in engineering, preferably in computer technology. Having a master degree in psychology also allows a person to join the army. The Pak army is an excellent option for those who wish to serve their country. The Pakistan army is one of the biggest employers in the world and recruits many people every year.

In order to join the army, a candidate should be between seventeen and twenty-three years old, and should have completed the Intermediate course with at least sixty percent marks. Candidates who have passed the intermediate and graduation exams with ‘A’ grade are also eligible for the recruitment. After completing the PMA course, a student can choose to serve as a second lieutenant. Thereafter, a student will be awarded the rank of captain.

Among the other jobs in the Pakistan army, psychologists are also eligible to apply. They must have an MA degree in psychology or an MSC in psychology, be at least twenty-eight years old, and have attained a 2nd division in their masters program. Additionally, they must have good morale, and have no mental issues. Therefore, they should undergo regular counselling from psychologists. Once they pass the selection process, they will join the army and become a captain or a major.

Qualifications for joining the Pakistan Army after matric

The Qualifications for joining the Pakistan Army after completing matriculation are based on your academic qualification. You can join the army if you have passed your matriculation, as long as you are over 18. Applicants who are below the age of 18 should have Computer Studies or Computer Science as their subject. A complete registration guide is available online, or you can register yourself physically at an Army selection and recruitment center. All your relevant documents, as well as a prospectus fee, must be submitted at the time of registration.

There are many occupations available in the army. Candidates can apply for fireman, draft man, telephone supervisor, and sanatory worker positions. Applicants for these positions should have a Matric or Intermediate Degree. They should have basic knowledge of electricity and plumbing. Applicants can join the army after matric if they are willing to complete the required training. However, the Army’s qualifications for joining after matric can change depending on the job you apply for.

After matric, females can apply to join the AFNS (Armed Forces Nursing Service). This is a specialized program that only accepts female candidates. Applicants must have completed FSc pre-medical education and be between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. However, even females with matric or Intermediate education can join the army and get a lieutenant position.

People with matric education can join the Pakistan army after matric graduation. Many students did not have the opportunity to pursue further education after matriculation. By joining the army, these students can pursue their higher education. Applicants can even be employed as plumbers, drafters, or sanitary workers. Despite its strict requirements, joining the army is an excellent opportunity for people who wish to make a career out of their education.

After matric, the Pakistan army has several ways of recruiting graduates. For example, students who are studying FSc pre-engineering can apply for the Technical cadet program. During the recruitment process, candidates must pass an initial interview and written test. If selected, these students will be sent to PMA Kakol for their initial training. Likewise, hackers and computer experts are also hired by the Pakistan army.

In addition to completing matric, students can join the army as a medic. The Pakistan Army requires those who have matriculation or intermediate qualifications to join its ranks. Applicants must have 45% marks or above in their matriculation and be able to stand at least five feet four inches. They must also be male, preferably above the age of 18, and be unmarried. Candidates should be able to meet the physical requirements for a second lieutenant position.

As for the age of entry, females can join the army as nursing cadets. However, this position requires a diploma in nursing or midwifery. To apply for a nursing cadet post, you must be between the ages of 18 and twenty-one. Moreover, you must be a Pakistan citizen. While joining the army, you must also be able to meet the other requirements.

Requirements for joining the Pakistan Army after matric

Interested in becoming a part of the Pakistan Army after matric? The requirements for joining the army after matric are surprisingly similar to those for joining the Army during your school days. You will need to wait for an announcement of admission dates and fill in the online application form. You must keep a note of the pin code generated by the online application form. Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest recruitment center of the Pakistan Army.

To apply for a job in the Pakistan Army, candidates must complete the required documents. They must have the following qualifications. A good CNIC and attested photocopies of academic certificates. They must also provide three copies of their ISSB letter. Those who are under the age of 18 must submit the original CNIC of their Guardian. The Pakistan Army will not accept applications for candidates who do not have the required documents.

After matric, a candidate should have passed at least 60% in the FSc Part 1 examination. They must also be citizens of Pakistan or have been domiciled in Gilgit-Baltistan or Azad Kashmir for 20 years or more. Doctors must have a medical degree and register from the PMC. After that, they can select the position of Capt. Doctor in any of the CMHs.

Other positions in the Pakistan Army after matric include fireman, draft man, telephone supervisor, sanatory worker, and cadet officer. The requirements for these positions vary depending on your qualifications, but you will need to have at least a Matric degree to be a fireman. The other positions require at least an Intermediate Degree. If you have experience in plumbing, you can become a plumber.

Female candidates must be between 18 and 25 years of age and unmarried. They must have completed their matric studies with at least 60% in science subjects and 50% in pre-medical subjects. Female candidates must be unmarried, widowed, or not encumbered to become a soldier in the Pak Army. If you have met the requirements, you will be commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Army.

If you want to join the army, you must be between 17 and 22 years old. Having completed your matriculation degree will ensure that you are in good physical condition and can serve your country well. The requirements for joining the Pakistan Army after matric are also simple. The basic requirements are a metric science qualification with at least 60%. The rest of the requirements vary depending on your educational background.

The Army has many positions for those with the right passion and drive. The Army is considered one of the strongest Troops in the world and gives its members a chance to test their metal and thrill. There is no better way to serve the country than to be a part of the Army. Those with the passion to serve their country can apply as civilians, Pak soldiers, or commissioned officers.

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