Hania Amir Some Unseen Alluring Pictures

By | August 19, 2022

Interesting revelations have been made by actors Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ahad Raza Mir about the experience of working with famous Pakistani actress Hania Amir.

While there is a lot of content on social media about entertainment, there are also interesting facts about home-grown artists that everyone wants to know about.

In a short clip taken from an interview, it can be seen that every beloved TV and film actress Hania Aamir is present in a talk show with her co-stars Ahad Raza Mir and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Meanwhile, the host of the show, addressing Sanam Jang, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that he wanted to convey his grief to the people that he had to shave to work with Hania Amir so that he could see the same age as Haniyla Amir. Otherwise, he would have looked bigger than Hania Amir because of his beard.

Hamza Ali Abbasi added that “he had shaved himself with a stone on his heart. If Hania Amir was a little older, he would not have to shave.”

Meanwhile, the host of the show, Sanam Jang, asked Ahad Raza Mir if he had made any sacrifice to work with Hania Amir.

Responding to this, Ahad Raza Mir said that he had cut his hair to work with Hania Amir. His hair was quite long and curly.

Leading actress of Pakistan TV and film industry Hania Aamir has silenced her critics.

Hania has been in the news for breaking up with Aamir Asim Azhar and calling him a good friend.

On social networking site Twitter, a user named Barira Mirza criticized Hania Amir and called one of her Instagram posts ridiculous.

“Justice for Asim Azhar” event, invitation to participate in the protest against Hania Amir

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