Actress Mansha Pasha And Jibran Nasir Celebrated First Marriage Anniversary In Grand Style

By | August 19, 2022

‘Lal Kabutar’ actress Mansha Pasha is far away from TV and movies these days but she stays in the news due to being active on social media.

Recently, when she responded to a fan’s tweet, she caught the eye of the media and fans and many people liked her response.

It so happened that in response to a tweet from a girl named Sehar, Mansha Pasha declared himself ‘lucky’ to be with Jibran Nasir.

Mansha Pasha was mentioned while sharing a screenshot of a tweet in praise of Jibran Nasir by Ms. Sehar, in which the actress was described as ‘lucky’.

The female fan shared a tweet in praise of Jibran Nasir, calling the social leader and jurist a true hero and mentioning Mansha Pasha, she wrote that she was “lucky” to have the love and support of Jibran Nasir.

In her tweet, Ms. Sehar described Mansha Pasha as “lucky” and wrote that Jibran Nasir does what he says and he is a real hero.

Mansha Pasha retweeted the tweet of a fan named Ms. Sehar and admitted that she was ‘lucky’.

The actress also used a smiley emoji in response to the woman and admitted that yes she is really ‘lucky’.

Responding to a female fan’s tweet, the actress admitted that she was lucky; screenshot

At the same time, Mansha Pasha expressed her best wishes to all the students including the woman who tweeted and said that she will continue to pray for the students that they will always stand up for the truth.

It may be recalled that Mansha Pasha had got engaged to Jibran Nasir in December 2019 and both are planning to get married soon.

Actress Jibran Nasir also shares photos and videos on social media.

Last October, the actress also celebrated her 33rd birthday with Jibran Nasir and she looked very happy.

Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha has shared beautiful photos and videos of her birthday on social media in which Mansha Pasha’s fianc, social activist Jibran Nasir is also seen.

Actress Mansha Pasha, a unique and select actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry, celebrated her 33rd birthday. Beautiful photos of her birthday have also been shared by Mansha Pasha with her fans on her Instagram account.

Mansha Pasha’s fianc Jibran Nasir can also be seen in the photos and video.

In a photo shared by Mansha Pasha, she informs her fans of her birthday and writes, “It’s time to celebrate this birthday,” as well as a cake emoji.

Mansha Pasha has also shared a video in which she is regularly cutting her birthday cake with Jibran Nasir.

Mansha Pasha said in the caption of his post that a friend of his is also celebrating his birthday.

Mansha Pasha had to say in the caption that “this surprise birthday party was given to her by her friends about which she did not know at all.”

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