Lucky dog survived two days in minus temperature and rescuers were shocked to see her

By | September 10, 2023

The puppy was struggling in the snow and she was buried completely but luckily some rescuers found her and helped her live her best upcoming life.

When the rescuers got a call saying that a dog has been laying in the snow for almost 2 days but they had not idea how she got there but one thing they knew that they need to hurry before it gets too late.

When the rescuers got there,they saw that the puppy was freezing and almost buried alive.She was partially covered by a blanket of snow and It was surely a miracle that she was still breathing despite of temperature in minus.

They took her to a safe warm place and named her as Snow White.They did whatever they can to save the little puppy and she is now looking for a permanent home.Snow White is now able to walk on her feet again after surviving days in cold temperature.

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