People are slamming Aima Baig for her hottest looks

By | August 24, 2022

Well, criticism, trolling, and backlash are becoming quite an expected thing. Usually, our celebrities have to go through slamming whenever they share their bold avatar on social, these sorts of content generate a huge pile of criticism and all people try hard to play their part in this social media trolling.

Recently Aima Baig’s picture dump from her vacay mode is getting trolled. The beauteous muse was spotted having fun in UK, she went on sharing these pictures with her fans but it seems like these fits aren’t sitting well with social media users. She’s looking extremely gorgeous in printed floral attire having such a beautiful skin day. Her skin is glowing and making us get some skincare inspiration from her. Her beautiful necklace is so elegant and decent.

Her breakup with long-time bae Shahbaz Shigri also created certain rumors. The couple was engaged and were used to giving us the most exciting glimpses but eventually, they found peace in parting their ways. The news of their separation took the internet by storm. These two ex-love birds didn’t address the matters.

People are bashing her for wearing such a revealing dress. People are of the view that it seems like she just has got her whitening injections and her efforts to look like a gori are not proving to be fruitful. Some are of the view that these celebrities really prefer to get nude whenever they visit abroad. Here are some more outrageous comments of people. Have a look.

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