Pakistani showbiz stars and their multi-crore homes

By | August 25, 2022

Everyone wants to have their own home.Circumstances do not allow many people to buy or build a home, but those who have money can afford to build one.

It is not easy to build a house, but it is very difficult.

Well known showbiz actors also built their houses with a lot of hard work, today we will know about this.

* Jawariya and Saud

Popular actors of Pakistan showbiz industry Jodi Jawariya and Saud are now more active on social media than on TV screens. Actress Jawariya has regularly opened her own YouTube channel on which she is seen sharing various videos every day. His YouTube channel has 447,000 followers.

You may have seen the house of Jawariya and Saud, but do you know how they built their beautiful house? A video was uploaded by the jury in 2019 in which they were under construction. It took several months for the well-known actor couple to become home. But it is certain that the actor duo worked hard in their field to establish their palace, after which they succeeded in building a magnificent house.

* Rambo (Afzal Khan) and Sahiba

Afzal Khan, a Pakistani actor who resembles Pakistan Showbiz senior and Hollywood star John Rambo, is from Lahore. Afzal Khan, who rose to fame from the most popular drama guest house aired on Pakistan Television, had many ups and downs in his life but today he is considered as one of the best actors in the country due to his hard work and dedication.

During an interview on a YouTube channel hosted by his wife, he described the difficulties in buying a house and giving it to his wife as a gift.

According to Afzal Khan, when he asked Nashuji for Sahiba’s hand, he made it a condition that he would give her Sahiba’s relationship only when he would build a separate house for Sahiba. At that time Afzal Khan was living in a rented house.

He said that he had started building a house for her with great difficulty and he had worked hard for it for 6 years. He even ran out of money and actor Afzal Khan was financially weak.

He further said that for this work he sought a loan from actress Reema Khan who gave him Rs 200,000 to build a house and thus he gave it as a gift to his wife before marriage so that his marriage would be possible. Ski

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