Showbiz actresses whose daughters have grown up and are more beautiful than their mothers

By | August 25, 2022

The mother-daughter board is a collection of secrets with invaluable love. Mothers take care of their daughters in every situation. There are some beautiful mothers associated with Pakistani showbiz whose daughters are also young now and they are known as younger sisters and not their daughters.

Jawariya Abbasi:

Anzala Abbasi, the daughter of the beautiful actress Jawariya Abbasi, who has made a name for herself in Pakistani drama, film and modeling, has also become young.

The only complaint Anzala has with her mother is that she is always teasing her about clothes. Both of them are often seen in video programs and Anzala is also seen in TV dramas nowadays.

Javiria Saud:

Actress, artist, host and Naat reciter Multi-talented actress Javiria Saud is not only beautiful but also innocent. Her daughter Janat Saud also has innocence like her who is now young. Jannat is also an actress

And like parents, they are hardworking and intelligent. These two mothers and daughters are often seen together and look like real sisters.

Shahista Lodhi:

Dr. Shahista Lodhi is an actress and host as well as a beautiful mother who doesn’t look like she is the mother of so many young children and her daughter Iman is taller than her mother. Those who are now young are rarely seen with their mothers because their tendency is not towards acting but towards medicine.

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