Five new actresses of Pakistan showbiz industry

By | August 26, 2022

Pakistani dramas have a level in the world. No matter all over in the world urdu and Hindi speakers live, they are big fans of Pakistani dramas. And there is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. There are many young actresses who are newcomers but they have gained their place very quickly. Let us know who these girls are.

1-Hina Afridi
Hina Afridi is a newly emerging Pakistani actress. He has acted in the drama serial First Love. She started her career as a beauty blogger and later moved into modeling. She has worked as a model for many brands.

Hina Afridi joined the showbiz industry after achieving great success in modeling. From the first love, his character Bushra became very famous. She acted very well in her first drama First Love and the audience also liked her innocent look. Hina seems to have forged an amazing relationship with Maya Ali as she was recently spotted at Maya Ali’s colorful birthday party where very few and select media personalities were invited. Take a look at the pictures.

2-Aiza Awan
Emerging TV actress Aiza Awan got her first love, the actress announced this through a social media message. Actress Aiza Awan, who showed the essence of acting in the drama serial ‘Faryad’, released a picture holding hands.

The actress did not elaborate further on her first love in the photo.
Sharing the photo, the actress wrote in the caption, “The best thing in life is to keep each other together.”

3-Maha Hassan
Maha Hassan said, “It has been two years since she started acting. She used to take part in various shows in theater and school. She started her career in theater.”
She said that she had been interested in acting since childhood and is still undergoing acting training but she misses classes due to drama shooting.

4-Srha Asghwr
Srha Asghar is a young Pakistani actress who has acted as a supporting role in number of famous dramas. Srha Asghar performed in Pyar Ke Sadqay as Washma, little sister of lead actor Bilal Abbas. She is an excellent and full of passionate actress. Srha told her transformation journey with her spectators which is fully admirable. Here we have the fill Biography of Srha Asghar. Let’s dig in to get more about your lovable actress.

5-Zainab Shabbir
According to Zainab Shabbir, she had been interested in acting since childhood when her mother supported her to come to showbiz. In an interview given to a magazine, Zainab Shabbir said that when she started acting, her education The actress first appeared on the screen in 2019 but the shooting of her projects had already started. A check for Rs. 1000 was received and it was a lot of money according to his age and time.

He said that as soon as he got the first check of earnings, he had planned how to spend the money and then he invited his entire family with the same money. The actress said that he was one of the four sisters. She is the third and her mother raised all the children alone, while as a child she used to beat her sisters and they were ignored.

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