Haroon Shahid Telling Real Face Of Pakistan Showbiz Industry

By | September 9, 2022

Leading actor and singer Haroon Shahid has exposed the bitter truth of Pakistani showbiz industry. There are some cheap people in our industry who think they can make friends with me by telling me personal details about who they’re in a relationship with or how they’re a sex animal, because they think I’m good at all of these things. I understand

Haroon Shahid wrote using more harsh words, the best answer for such people is that I have no interest. Haroon Shahid wrote sarcastically, “Strange people, you haven’t been seen on TV twice and your inner stories seem to be your brainchild.”

Haroon Shahid is a Pakistani singer, composer, songwriter, and active actor in the entertainment industry from 2008. He served as a guitarist and lead vocalist in Lahore based band ‘SYMT’, a pop-rock Lahore based band. In 2017 he started his acting career in and afterward appeared in some TV dramas also.

Haroon Shahid while talking about drama serial ‘Akhir Kab Tak’ revealed that ” My story is actually related to Srha. Before Srha signed the project a famous Pakistani superstar was casted to portray Fajar’s character.”

“That superstar refused saying that I’ll not work with Haroon Shahid and I know the reason behind this, but we were lucky enough that we casted Srha. No superstar or leading actress can portray the role of Fajar the way Srha did. In fact, I gave them a option that I’ll give up if you want to cast that leading actress who refused to work with me but the credit goes to Momal who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to work in this project”, added Haroon.

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