Some Most Beautiful Beautiful Photos Of Hassan Ali Home

By | September 16, 2022

Hassan Ali is one of the best all rounder in cricket team and he is now playing for Pakistan which is held in UAE and Pakistan cricket team is performing very well.

When Pakistani fast bowler Mr. Hassan Ali and his bride, who is an Indian, reached Gujranwala, the cricketer’s hometown, they were given a warm welcome.

In one video, they are seen walking on flower petals. The petals were placed through the main door leading up the stairs to the bedroom.

Later, Hassan Ali’s family organized a ceremony. At the function, the couple was once again seen dressed in wedding suits.

It should be noted that on August 20, Hassan Ali had married Samia Arzoo in Dubai. About 30 close friends and family were invited to the event.

Samia, an Indian citizen, is an aeronautical engineer. Hassan had met Samia in Dubai and it was only after this meeting that their friendship grew.

After a nerve-wracking match in the ICCT Twenty20 World Cup in Sharjah, the Pakistani Shaheens defeated the Kiwis by 5 wickets.

While thousands of Pakistani supporters were present in the stadium, the Indian wives of two Pakistani players also came to support their husbands.

Shoaib Malik’s wife and Indian tennis star Sania Mirza appeared on camera during the New Zealand innings.

Fast bowler Hassan Ali’s wife Samia Arzoo was also present on the occasion.

This photo is being shared in large numbers on social media and the fans are also congratulating both of them on winning the match.

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