Hina Altaf And Agha Ali Told How Much Children They Want

By | October 5, 2022

Hina Altaf is a very beautiful and talented actress from Pakistan. She got married to Agha Ai two and half years ago but she is still deprived of the blessing of children. Agha Ali can also be seen holding his nephew in his arms and they are both feeling very happy. All the fans and their followers are praying for him that Allah Almighty will help them both as soon as possible. May Allah exalt you with the blessing of children.

Actress Hina Altaf’s husband Agha Ali has been criticized on social media for his statement made in the morning show. During a morning show recently, actress Hina Altaf had said that Agha had taken a promise from her before marriage. He said that he doesn’t want anything in the world. Please don’t get fat after marriage. When this video of the actress went viral, a storm broke out on social media.

Later on in his reaction on Instagram, actor Agha Ali said, “I told my wife to avoid gaining unnecessary weight because she is an actress. She needs to be fit and any producer or director.” I don’t like overweight heroin. He said that I worked hard to lose weight. When I was overweight, I was nothing and I was ignored. He said that something.

People criticize others just to get attention because they don’t get attention anyway. Wall raised that what is body shaming? do you know ? Has anyone ever seen me make fun of someone’s weight? He further added that if a mother advises her son, a brother or a husband to advise his wife to avoid unnecessary weight, then it is not ‘body shaming’.

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