Brave Lady Actress Nadia Jamil Telling Life Story Fighting Against Cancer

By | October 6, 2022

According to a study, 1 out of every 9 women in Pakistan gets breast cancer. Pakistan has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in Asia.

Nadia Jamil, a famous actress of Pakistani drama industry, was also diagnosed with breast cancer. However, Nadia Jamil is one of those who not only defeated cancer. He also raised awareness among the people through his example.

Nadia Jamil’s name is included in the best actress of Pakistan. On April 3, actress Nadia Jamil told fans on Twitter that she had been diagnosed with cancer. The actress wrote in her post that last week I was diagnosed with cancer, 4 days have passed since my treatment, and she is now in the first stage of cancer.

His fans and family supported him during this most difficult journey. Nadia said in a recent interview that after losing cancer, she now feels happy. “I didn’t love myself so much before I was diagnosed with cancer,” she says.

According to Muneeb Mazari, a TV program host and women’s rights activist, when she spoke to Nadia Jamil on the phone, she told him that she was going to the hospital and that her treatment was about to begin. “Nadia told me to pray for me,” she said. “I saw a brave woman in Nadia who could easily fight any difficult situation in the world.”

“I always thought I was alone, but I knew God’s mercy was always with me, and that was my courage and strength,” Nadia Jamil recalled.

Nadia says my father also had cancer, and he fought cancer three times. “My grandmother also had cancer and my grandfather also died of cancer,” he said.

“Somewhere I thought I might have cancer,” he said. And so I was worried about my health. One day I noticed a lump in my breast. Immediately after I had my test, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“When I shared this with people on social media, thousands of people contacted me,” she says. Many of them prayed for me, and many of them shared with me the most difficult moments I had ever had.

Nadia Jamil said that now my eyes look beautiful, which I did not pay attention to before I got cancer. “Breast cancer has made it clear to me that I came into this world alone and will leave this world alone,” she said.

It should be noted that the month of October is celebrated all over the world every year in the context of breast cancer awareness. Where breast cancer awareness is raised in different ways.

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