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By | October 7, 2022

Senior Pakistani actor Noman Ijaz has shared a photo with his wife on social media. On the photo and video sharing app Instagram, Noman Ijaz has posted a beautiful picture with his wife, which is apparently colorless, ie black and white, but his picture seems to reflect the beautiful relationship between the couple. Noman Ijaz wrote in the caption of his post in a poetic manner that

“If the contacts go too far, we get sad. That’s why we rarely meet people now,” the actor wrote. I am with whom I can trust. ”In addition, Noman Ijaz has shared a family photo of himself on Instagram in which the actor is accompanied by his three sons and wife. Noman Ijaz said while posting the photo on Instagram
“It’s not that hard to give time to your loved ones, so take some time out of your busy schedule for your loved ones as well.” “I am not perfect but I am loyal,” he said. “Both posts of Noman Ijaz are being liked by social media users.”

Senior actor Noman Ijaz says that with age, the eyesight becomes weaker, but with age, the ability to understand also increases.

The actor shared the photo on his Instagram account and wrote, “It’s ridiculous in old age that your eyesight gets weaker, but the experience gained from people improves your ability to see a little bit.”

It may be recalled that Noman Ijaz participated in the web show of Effat Omar as a guest about a year ago, a video clip of which is currently circulating in large numbers on social media.

Noman Ijaz described the loss of old age
Noman Ijaz confesses to being unfaithful to his lovers and wife

In the increasingly viral video clip, Noman Ijaz is seen admitting that he has been unfaithful to his wife Rabia several times.

During the interview, Noman Ijaz admitted that he soon fell in love with other women and then started dating them.

On Noman Ijaz’s bold confession, host Effat Omar asked in surprise that he had never been caught. Noman Ijaz said, “I am a very intelligent man and never let my wife know about any of my love affairs.” Not only that, but the husbands of the women with whom I am dating are not known.

Talking to a British broadcaster about the criticism that came after the clip went viral, Noman Ijaz said that he did not want to promote the issue.

“Let people abuse and let their minds get dirty and dirty,” he said. This is the habit of Pakistanis, they have no interest in their lives and no one is looking at their collars, just the habit of pointing fingers at others.

“Let people say what they have to say, it doesn’t matter to me,” he said. I know and my Lord knows, I do not need to explain to anyone.

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