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By | April 7, 2022

Important Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Services For OFWs

For OFWs, POEA is the best place to look for legitimate work overseas. It enforces policies that protect OFWs from scammers and illegal recruiters, while providing services to OFWs under the OWWA program. Below are the most important services provided by POEA to its OFWs. The following information will help you apply for a Poea job:


The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is the government’s agency for the recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers abroad. It conducts market research, approves manpower requests, and evaluates employment contracts. In addition, it issues licenses to ship manning companies. Those who are hired through government-to-government arrangements are protected under POEA’s policy on full disclosure.

The POEA assists Filipinos in finding a job in foreign countries by providing training, protecting their rights, and advocating for a smooth reintegration into society. The agency also holds pre-employment orientation seminars for prospective overseas Filipino workers and works closely with local government agencies to prevent illegal recruitment of foreign workers. To accomplish these goals, the POEA has made its vision to “be the best in governance for world-class Filipino migrant workers.”

POEA is a vital agency that promotes the welfare of Filipino overseas workers. It provides information through seminars and has a 24-hour hotline to assist OFWs in an emergency. OFWs can also use the hotline to view their case history and track its progress. In addition, the agency issues licensing to ship manning and recruitment agencies. A POEA license is required to hire Filipino workers.

The government’s overseas employment program is aimed at maximising the benefits of overseas employment and equipping OFWs with skills and knowledge needed to make a better living abroad. It counsels overseas workers on investment opportunities and better wage employment. It also provides business development assistance, technology transfer, and entrepreneurial trainings. It also helps OFWs access to microfinance, housing opportunities, and other government services.


The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) regulates migration of Filipino workers abroad. Licensed recruitment agencies are accredited by the POEA. The governing body works to protect the rights and interests of Filipino workers, as well as to facilitate a smooth reintegration into Philippine society. This accreditation program aims to provide the best possible service to Philippine migrant workers working abroad.

The POEA also grants licenses to recruitment and placement agencies that employ Filipino workers abroad. In addition to granting licenses to recruitment agencies, the POEA also issues licenses to manning agencies for seafarers and private recruitment agencies for land-based workers. Its accreditation program is one of the most stringent in the world. This is because the government and private organizations use POEA-accredited recruitment agencies.

POEA-accredited recruitment agencies conduct background checks on their prospective workers and ensure that they meet prevailing employment laws and other requirements. It also maintains a worker registry for overseas workers. Some hiring entities feel that these requirements are difficult and time-consuming to meet. Bypassing these guidelines can result in risks for the OFWs. Therefore, employers should adhere to the guidelines of the POEA.

The Philippines has established the Philippines’ Overseas Employment Administration to ensure the proper employment of Filipinos living and working abroad. To ensure that overseas Filipinos are hired legally, they must apply through accredited job agencies. Through POEA accreditation, employers are assured that they are not attempting to recruit illegal Filipinos. So, what is the role of POEA accreditation? This agency is an excellent way to ensure that the job placement process is both easy and smooth for both parties.

Online system

To help OFWs and their families, POEA has an online system that enables them to search for and apply for overseas jobs. The online system allows OFWs to check the legitimacy of a recruitment agency, update their profile, register for eServices, and even check their OEC status. OFW processing is notoriously difficult and can consume a lot of time, energy, and money. Thankfully, POEA’s online system has made these processes much more convenient and efficient.

The Online System for POEA jobs is available only for those who have an e-Registration number. This number can be accessed online and allows users to update this information whenever necessary. Users can quickly view their e-Registration numbers by using the eRegistration tab in the POEA e-Services website. To make use of the e-Registration system, applicants should have a current POEA Registration.

Before, applicants needed to go to a regional or satellite office to register for POEA jobs. Now, they can do so using a computer or a mobile device. Not only does this save time, but it also helps applicants save money. The process will take less than two minutes once the applicant’s e-Registration log-in is complete. And after that, they can then access all the information about their POEA jobs and apply for them online.


The Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) has issued a certification for the deployment of Filipino workers overseas. The certification specifies the applicable provisions of the host country’s social and labor law, and labor laws and regulations for maritime and offshore installations. A certificate allowing the deployment of overseas Filipino workers in such countries is required before a company can start operating in that country. A certification issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs also allows the company to employ non-Filipino employees.

In order to comply with the requirements of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, hiring a Filipino directly is prohibited. The only exception to this ban is for skilled and professional workers. These individuals must have verified and authenticated contracts that contain terms and conditions that exceed those of the POEA. It is also advisable not to employ more than five OFWs from the same hiring entity. This is to ensure that the OFWs will not be exposed to abuse or exploitation.

The POEA is committed to providing excellent services to customers and has deployed more than 3 million Filipino workers to over 190 countries. The government agency utilizes a comprehensive recruitment network to ensure a high quality of service. To course manpower requirements, foreign principals, government entities, and private employment agencies must hire through POEA-licensed private employment agencies. A government placement branch may also be used.


There are many reasons why Filipinos seek employment abroad. For starters, many of these people are recruited directly from outside the Philippines. In this case, they’re vulnerable to scammers and fixers. It’s also important to verify documents, and avoid falling for any of the following pitfalls:

It’s advisable to avoid falling for any of these scams by checking the details of the collaborator or employer. You can always call the company on their legitimate numbers if you’re not sure if they’re genuine. Avoid sending sensitive information over email. Also, do not be tempted to pay up front for the visa. This way, you’ll be sure the job is legitimate.

Another common scam targets people in the health field. The scammers may pose as Philippine embassy or consulate officials, telling you that you need to send money for emergency medical procedures. These scams may also involve fake jobs, such as being a caregiver at a cancer hospice in Ontario. However, this is not true. These scammers are targeting the Filipinos working in health fields. So, before you fall for these scams, you should take the necessary precautions to avoid becoming the next victim.

Avoiding scams is another important factor for Filipino workers abroad. It’s not uncommon for unscrupulous entities to take advantage of Filipinos who want to work abroad. However, it’s important to know how the recruitment process works before falling prey to scam artists. In this case, you must always go through a licensed Philippine Recruitment Agency. It’s also important to know that you’ll have to deal with a POEA-registered recruitment agency.


Applicants applying for POEA jobs must first know the process before being accepted. The agency should ensure the job order they have submitted is legitimate. The POEA website shows the name of the manpower agency that hired them and the number of vacancies they need to fill. The website also shows a step-by-step guide on how to find the contact details of the agency. After all, you don’t want to waste your time and money in applying for a job that doesn’t exist.

The POEA database allows applicants to search for jobs in specific professions. After choosing the New Zealand location from the drop-down menu, you can click on the Sort by Position option. This will sort open job orders alphabetically. This is convenient for those seeking similar jobs within the same specialty. However, you’ll want to consider the other options that are available. The cost of a POEA job may be higher than the actual position, so be sure to calculate the total before applying.

The POEA system is a great way to find a foreign job. By submitting a POES seminar application, OFWs can find POEA-approved agencies that offer foreign jobs. Once hired, they should read the stipulations in the POES Seminar to make sure the job is worth the expense. During this time, OFWs must be away from their families and adjust to a foreign environment. It’s important to remember that it’s not always easy to find a job abroad, but the cost is worth it if the job is worth it.

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