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By | April 7, 2022

Finding Remote Marketing Jobs That Are Right For You

For marketing experts looking for flexible and part-time opportunities, there are several ways to earn money while working from home. Several remote marketing jobs are available in areas that interest you, such as Business development, Growth specialist, Paid acquisition, Account manager, and PR. Each position offers a different set of skills and responsibilities, so you can tailor your career to suit your interests. Read on for more information about these and other jobs. To find a great job, you may want to consider working in a company’s office, but if you prefer working independently, there are more opportunities to explore.

Business development

Business development is an extremely broad field, with no fixed definition or practice. However, it does require creative thinking and a willingness to experiment. You may need to come up with a new idea for a product or service, or you might introduce efficiencies into your internal operations. In either case, business development requires a flexible attitude and the ability to accept criticism and change. Regardless of the field, there are many ways to make your marketing career in business development rewarding.

Some of the popular remote marketing positions include sales executive, growth specialist, and account manager. You can choose from a variety of tasks, from focusing on a single client to coordinating a team. If you’re interested in a fast-growing field, you may want to focus on business development. A business development executive is responsible for developing the strategy and tactics to convert leads to sales. While the job description of these roles may be different, many of the same duties apply.

Account manager

If you’re interested in working from home, you may want to consider a career as an account manager. This role can be extremely rewarding, with hundreds of remote marketing jobs available. You’ll be working with a small team of marketers to help companies reach their goals. In addition to account management, there are also positions as a business development specialist, growth specialist, and paid acquisition specialist. These jobs require a high degree of autonomy and provide fast advancement opportunities.

Depending on the company, you can work from home, where you can use video conferencing, chat, or text messages to communicate with clients. Your main goal is to keep client relationships healthy while balancing the company’s needs and those of the customer. An account manager’s salary is typically between $56,000 and $85,000, with the most experienced earning more than eighty thousand dollars. According to the FlexJobs database, account manager/account executive is the 10th most common remote job title.


Many copywriters specialize in one area of copywriting. Some write for digital forums, while others focus on social media. Still others write for direct mail campaigns. The difference is the format: direct mail campaigns are generally longer than online marketing content. For this reason, it’s important to understand the role of a copywriter before applying for a remote marketing job. If you are interested in this position, you should know what it entails, as well as the work environment and salary.

In the advertising and marketing industry, copywriters may work with advertising agencies or in-house departments. Copywriters working remotely typically do so from home or other locations. As a freelancer or on-staff employee, they research a topic and create short form content to promote a business or product. Copywriters must be able to think creatively and have excellent writing skills to stand out from the competition. They must also be able to effectively communicate their ideas in the most compelling way possible.

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